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Seven wonderful Seasons of Spuffy Lovin's

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Welcome to the Seven Seasons community. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either of the moderators, spikeslovebite and megan_peta We want this to be a fun and rewarding experience for all.

Seven Seasons Community Rules

• First and foremost, this is a Spuffy community. All contributions are to celebrate the relationship between Buffy and Spike. There are no restrictions on how you wish to portray this relationship, but if you are submitting dark fiction please respect the diversity of our readers and post warnings. Proper courtesy is essential. Please be sure to properly label your submission with ratings, categories and include that ever important disclaimer. And remember, lj cut is your friend.

• Every three months will see the introduction of a new season of BtVS. In this time period it is essential that your fic is based from some point within the season. It is allowable to twist the episodes and the characters to include human Buffy or Spike, or to begin with canon and go completely AU. Choice will remain with you AS LONG AS it is somehow based on the current featured season of BtVS.

• Collaboration fics are very welcome.

• Older fics already posted elsewhere are also acceptable. Please fill up our community with a wealth of season fics.

• The length of fic you contribute is open, from short fic to WIP’s of numerous chapters. We will not accept drabbles or obscenely short pieces. Three months will be provided for unlimited posts of WIP, but in order to qualify for the voting process it is required for your WIP to have been substantially continued and nearing conclusion. It would be preferable that the fic be finished by the end of the three months, but if this is not possible the site will still allow posting so that followers can continue to enjoy the story.

• All submissions must include the author’s name, story title, and chapter title in the subject header. In addition, all submissions must include a list of 1-5 categories* that the submission fits for the current Seven Seasons round. Neglecting to do this will make the submission ineligible for the Readers Choice voting.

• Voting for your favourite story each season will be by poll. Depending on the variety of submissions, categories will be decided then. It is to be understood that despite the possible participation of the mods in submitting fic, under no circumstances will our contributions feature in the voting poll. We will also withdraw ourselves from voting, unless to settle a tie.

• Voting will commence on the first of the month along with the introduction of the next season of BtVS. The poll will remain until the 12th, and winners announced on the 14th. It will be our sincere desire to have awards prepared for distribution along with the announcement of the winners.

• There is no limit to the number of submissions you may contribute. If you have more than one inspirational idea that you just can’t ignore, you are more than welcome to continue submitting for the three month period.

NEW! Artwork and Media Submissions

1) Artwork must be submitted by the artist.

2) The artist must be a member of the community to enter.

3) Existing artwork for specific stories is welcome and encouraged. However, artwork posted with stories will not be considered entries unless submitted by the artist, and appropriately labeled as a submission.

Spuffy Vids

1) Any vid that depicts the current round's season - new or old - is applicable for submission. As with artwork, all entries must be made by the artist.


For all entries, it will be impossible to post your submission unless you are a member of the community. So you know what that means….join us.

***Categories will be decided by the moderators at the beginning of each new round. If you don’t know what category(ies) your submission falls under, please contact the moderators prior to submitting.

Categories/Rules for Season Six can be found HERE.

Each season banner made by vampkiss.

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